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Judi Langer-Surnamer Caplan

27 West Penn Street, Long Beach, NY 11561


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     Are you researching your family’s ancestry and want a little help?

    Up, Roots!  Genealogy Research Services is ready to assist you with a full range of family history research options in the New York City and Long Island area, from a search for a single record to creating a full family tree. I can visit major metropolitan area archives, libraries, and even cemeteries on your behalf including:

    * The National Archives-Northeast Region on Varick Street (for US Census, Passenger Arrival Manifests for NY and Philadelphia, NYC area Naturalization, WWII Old Men's Draft Registration, as well as NY State Birth, Marriage, and Death Record Indexes)

    * The New York City Municipal Archives (for Vital Records, including Births to 1909, Marriages to 1936, and Deaths to 1948)

    * The New York Public Library at 42nd Street (for City Directories, Newspaper and Periodical searches, NY State Census for 1905, 1915, 1925, Genealogies, and other reference material)

     * The Long Island Division of the Queensboro Public Library (for unique Long Island genealogical resources including newspapers and family genealogy volumes)

     * Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, Nassau, and Suffolk County Court Houses  (for wills and other probate files and some naturalizations)

     * Cemeteries in Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau, and Suffolk counties (for photographs of family graves, and even help with the translation of Hebrew on gravestones)  

      * New York County Clerk and New York State Department of State (for assistance with obtaining Apostille authentication of vital records for presentation internationally when needed for ensuring your documents will be accepted abroad.)  


I look forward to assisting you,

and I wish you much success with your genealogical quest.


What Satisfied Clients Say:


" Thank you very much for all your brilliant research."
      Nicholas Shaw, England



" I spoke to you about a week ago about my hiring you to find my father's naturalization papers. He served honorably in the U.S. Army for over 20 years. You told me since I live in the city it would be easier and faster to go get it myself at the National Archives Office in New York City, Downtown NYC. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. I went yesterday and got Certified copies of his paperwork with a nice RED bow and Official Stamp! Knowledge is power and I appreciate you pointing me in the right direction. I just wanted to take time and write this testimonial for you, so that anyone who thinks to work with you ... Should immediately sign up!!! Because you actually care about ppl. in addition to being very knowledgeable! I could not have found this information without you. Have a great Day."



"Your fees are very fair. It was a pleasure to work with you!"
      Susan Camp, California


                  “THANK YOU -THANK YOU - THANK YOU!!

     I wondered who was sending me photos today, the computer took so long to down load, and there, as such a surprise, was more wonderful and exciting reports from you.I hope, by showing my true excitement, you have been shown over the years, the satisfaction that you give to your clients.  Your report to me has gone beyond my expectations, I seem to know the whole story now and I thank you forever.”

    Jan Martin, Australia


    "Wow... you really are amazing! I never knew most of what is detailed in your report. Thank you for your wonderful work to pull it together. I am ecstatic over your work ~ keep going!"

     Michael Fasciano

    "I must say, I am very, very, very impressed. Not only was your response to my request the most thorough I have ever seen (and I have hired others in the past for different work), it was done so quickly and precisely. It appears you uncovered a great amount of information and I am so excited to be able to review it soon. I knew I picked the right genealogist for the job!!! I can't thank you enough and look forward to future projects with you."
     Conor Welch

    "Judi has been extremely helpful in helping my family unearth its roots. She has two great strengths. (1) She really knows Jewish genealogy: where to find information, how to interpret it, and who else to involve. (2) She has a hunger for finding the answers. She approached our family history as if it were her own. Her work has brought great joy, excitement, and connection within my family.”

    Joshua Marks, Washington, DC


     "Excellent work. I knew you were clever, Judi!  Good thinking!  And a great find!!!

      David Mickelson, Greenwich Research, Greenwich, CT


    “Incredible, simply incredible. Thank you. I have been waiting for a report like this for a long time since I started researching this family. There are many facts that even my grandparents didn't know.”

     Max, Israel


    "I am walking on air again over your latest extraordinary find.

    Up, Roots! has as always has unearthed mysteries with miraculous genius and insight. And this cold case has boiled over with your wonderful help. I really love the professional, clear and fascinating way you presented this report. I could be along with you and follow each step, cheer at the discoveries.

    A million, million thanks again for this great genealogical knowledge and joy you bring."

    Ilene Rothgeb, Virgin Islands


    “I want to thank you for the excellent work you did in connection with this estate…”

    Harvey A. Sackstein, Esq., New York


     "I do thank you so much for doing EXACTLY what I asked for and doing it in a very timely manner.  Thanks for a great service - I know I'll be getting back to you."

     Lynne Roberts, California


     "Judith, I just reviewed your incredible work again!   I think what you have gotten will make my uncle very. very happy. This takes him back to about 1825. It took me years to get this much information. You are amazing! "

      Marilyn Loeb Feingold, Atlanta, Georgia


    "I will enjoy analyzing your report over the next few weeks, and adding this information to my existing family tree. Thanks again for accepting my assignment and for the quality of your research. I consider myself fortunate to have found you, not only for the fact that you are right there in NY where my records are accessible, but also for your experience and efficiency in locating and assessing these old files. In genealogy, like other fields, there is no substitute for ‘gumshoe’ research.' You are amazing! "

      John Gilbert


About Up, Roots!

    Judi Langer-Surnamer Caplan of Up, Roots!  has been doing genealogical and family history research since 1992. She is a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists, the New York Metro Chapter of the APG, the Jewish Genealogical Society of Long Island, the Jewish Genealogical Society of NY, and the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society

    Her articles on genealogical research have appeared in AVOTAYNU and THE JEWISH STAR, and she has presented talks on "Creating a Family Newsletter" and "How to Read a Hebrew Tombstone Anywhere in the World" at major international genealogical conferences. Two of the searchable databases she has created are online: "Deportation of Bialystok Children from Theresienstadt to Auschwitz" at, and "The Rabbi Samuel Langer Database" at

    Judi, who has also been a Member of the Board of LitvakSIG, was the Founding Editor of the LitvakSIG Online Journal from Spring 1999 through July 2009, and is currently the Editor Emerita.